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This program helps students prepare to perform tasks associated with design and creation of interactive multimedia communication. Through classroom instruction and workshops, students acquire a variety of knowledge in multimedia programming, digital video production and other related technical subjects.

In the Multimedia Production class, students will learn how to download video material by reordering scenes and discarding unwanted footage, add transitions, titles, graphics, sound effects and background music.

In the Video Skills class, students will be introduced to the professional video camera as a technical and creative tool for communication and art.

In the Broadcasting class students will learn how to write a script, produce a show on Ethio Youth Media TV, promote on-air personalities, record video for television and interactive media markets.

In this 1.5 hour course you will learn basic camera functions and operation.

What to do and what you shouldn't do. You will also learn some basic lighting principles and methods for capturing audio well.

You will receive a short test at the end of the class and will receive Basic Camera Operation Certification with success demonstration of the information given during class.

If you have a Camera Membership, this certification will allow you to check out a camera and other basic production gear from Seattle Community Media.